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Listed below are some of my favorite items that can be found on Amazon. You can also find community resources and educational information. 

Community and Eduational Resources

Regional Center of Orange County

Non-profit organization contracted by the State of California to coordinate life long services and supports for individuals with developmental disabilities and their families. Provides early intervention services for children from birth to 3. 

California Children Services 

Statewide program that treats children with certain physical limitations and chronic conditions or diseases. CCS can provide medical assistance and therapy for children who are eligible. Services are available from birth to 21 years of age.

Dr. Tracy Tran DDS

Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist who specializes in infant & pediatric oral ties, as well as pediatric sleep issues.

Dr. Naomi Peters DDS at Peters Family Dentistry

Board-Certified Dentist who specializes in pediatric dentistry, orthodontics, airway, and sleep breathing disorders.

Down Syndrome of Orange County

DSAOC's mission is to create a place for connection, information and hope for people with Down syndrome and their families throughout greater Orange County, to promote Down syndrome awareness through community outreach, and to offer programs, services and support that aim to empower individuals with Down syndrome to reach their full potential.


TASK provides emotional support and education for parents about special education systems and processes, so that they can be more effective participants in their child’s education. 


ZERO TO THREE provides information on development and parenting resources.

Solids Starts

Resource with first foods database, guides for starting solids, and baby led weaning. 

SOS Approach to Feeding

Resource for parents with children that are "picky eaters" and "problems feeders".

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