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Baby and Beyond Therapy specializes in evaluation and treatment of pre/post frenectomy care, feeding, and oral motor skills.


Baby and Beyond Therapy offers telehealth and mobile services in the Orange County Area. This allows for babies and children to be seen in a comfortable and familiar environment, ensuring that skills gained in therapy can be generalized to everyday routines in their natural setting.


All clients will undergo an evaluation to determine if occupational therapy services are needed. Therapy frequency is individualized and based on each child’s needs. Some children can benefit from only a few sessions to establish a home program and some may need weekly therapy to master new skills.



Consists of parent interview with review of birth history, developmental milestones, and observations. Evaluations are typically 60-75 minutes long. A treatment plan with goals will be developed based on assessment findings. Written report with recommendations to follow after evaluation is



Individualized and child centered. Caregiver training, active participation, and carry over of skills leaned in therapy are key components for success. Treatment usually lasts 50 minutes. 



Coaching is available for clients who have already been assessed and have transitioned out of weekly services. Coaching consists of a 60 minute call per month to discuss areas of concern, milestones, and prepare for emerging areas of growth.



We offer free 15 minute phone consultation to discuss concerns and to determine if Baby and Beyond Therapy is a good fit for your needs.

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